Q1. What does Rocket Debt Collection do?

Rocket Debt Collection professionally recovers bad debts and act as mediators for our Clients.

Q2. Why engage the services of Rocket Debt Collection instead of Lawyers (Legal Proceedings)?

Rocket Debt Collection is an affordable and economical alternative. The time taken for processing is also shorter.

Q3. Is Rocket Debt Collection Legal (Registered)?

Rocket Debt Collection is 100% legal. Our Ninjas are trained as professionals with integrity and efficiency. Rocket Ninjas also adhere strictly to a set code of conduct. Our Code of Conduct can be found on our website:


Q4. What document(s) do I need to engage Rocket?

We would require validated Invoices/bills/receipts , contracts or agreements, legal documents and/or any form of documented correspondence.  This is to validate the claim for collection efforts.

Q5. What is the duration of the contract should I choose to engage Rocket?

Our contracts are for 1 year from the date of the Signed Agreement between Rocket and Client.

Q6. How long is the process of recovering the Debts?

Every case is different with varying circumstances and complications, which results in unquantifiable duration.

Q7. How often will I receive updates for my cases with Rocket?

Official monthly case progress and updates are communicated via E-Mails.

Q8. Upon fully recovering the Debt, how long will Rocket take to transmit the monies?

Full recovery of Debts are transmitted every Friday on the same Week of the debt recovery.

Let’s start recovering your bad debts.